Expand: Edutainment Seminar

Project: Expand – Edutainment show on The Strip in Las Vegas

Role: Creative Director, Graphic Designer, Producer, Researcher, Writer, Retail Strategist

Documents available upon request: Script, storyboard, pitch deck, marketing document, one sheet, sponsorship document

Work available to discuss: Pro forma, holography budget, holography research, venue research and analysis, executive summary, proprietary stage and set design elements


The not too distant future for business is turbulent causing companies to fold and others to soar. A beloved toy company, Bixler, is on the brink of obsolescence now that kids choose to live in the digital domain rather than playing with their successful erector sets. Once rendered the the pinnacle of manufacturing quality, Bixler is heavily scrutinized by a famed tech blogger predicting their demise.

A quality assurance engineer, Max, attempts to gain the insight needed from mentors such as Nolan Bushnell, Founder of Atari and Chuck E. Cheese’s, John Maxwell, New York Times Best Selling author and leadership speaker, to compete for the chance to win a deal with media juggernaut, Eureka.

Max is determined to assemble and lead a team to build a game changing product combining their erector set designs and 3D printing. After Max’s courageous pitch to the Bixler CEO, Stan, the team is faced with new challenges to conquer. Not only must they elevate their product to align with the needs for social technology, they face an addictive game start-up, Bazooka, that is favored to win the Eureka competition.

Truncated Pitch Deck:

Explainer Video:

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